viele bemalte bunte Kinderhände

Our Approach


It is embedded in their philosophy to provide a learning environment whereby children feel excited and eager to continue on their life-long journey of thriving on learning, welcoming new experiences and seeking new challenges. Stereotypical academic success no longer becomes the only standard for who is “smart.” Rote memorization and one-size- fits-all instruction has been a thing of the past. Scholastic abilities are just one part of a child's life. One cannot presume that getting top grade means reaching the full potential.

Our Story

Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Ceria Murni is not your typical average daycare centre. We believe that all children deserve the skills and opportunities to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, we developed learning and teaching strategies appropriate to
children's abilities thus enabling them discover their hidden talents and become independent learners.


Our Story

Our Management Team

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Ms Chia SM


Ms Chia began her education career guided by the principle that every child are talented in some way or another and that a customized learning would help them reach their potentials. Thus, Ms Chia established Ceria Murni with her sisters with a shared vision


Teacher Stella Chia

Co Founder

Teacher Stella contributes her breadth of knowledge in offering unique classes in Ceria Murni. A MBA Graduate herself, Teacher Stella is also a Certified International Massage Instructor (CIMI IAIM) for toddlers and also a trainer in Nagomi Pastel Art.


Teacher Chia SY


Ms Chia is the headmistress of Ceria Murni where she plans the day to day learning program for the children in the centre. She incorporates unique curriculum to help children to overcome learning barriers and guide them on effective learning

At Ceria Murni, we believe that every child is exceptional

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